Anxiety Almost Stole My Christmas – Here’s How I Took It Back

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It’s that time of the year when houses are covered in Christmas lights, you crave that nice warm coffee (or tea) for about 80% of the day, everything around you is just jolly, and you still somehow get that pit in your stomach. The one you get every time you start thinking about gifts, parties, family, etc.

I know this because I feel it too. Personally, I’m a huge Christmas person but even then my anxiety still manages to get in the way. Right now, for example, I’m freaking out about gifts. My family is simple and they don’t expect much but in my eyes they deserve the entire world and thoughts start flooding into my head like “what if they don’t like their gift?”, “what if it’s not good enough?”, “what if they already have this and they don’t need a second one?”, “what if they get me something a lot more expensive or meaningful than what I got for them?”.

My mind already knows most of the answers to those questions but it still manages to make me freak out sometimes but that’s okay. When the time comes they usually end up loving their gifts and even when they don’t it’s not like they would throw it in my face which I’m so grateful for and I realize I was worried over nothing. Anxiety is a very controlling thing but it’s important to remember that at the end of the day it’s you who’s in control of your life and you can not let anxiety do that for you even if it feels impossible. Remember to always enjoy the little things.





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