Anxiety Took The Steering Wheel – I Took It Back

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Today, the worst thing for a person with anxiety in a car happened. I got a panic attack right before I had to drive off to get home. I had such a nice evening with one of my best high school friends and then all of a sudden, anxiety kicked in and took control of the wheel.

So there I was, sitting in my car, in an empty parking lot, sobbing heavily and trying to get air into my lungs as much as I can. My mind was racing at the speed of lightning. All I could think about was that I was going to start driving, and I was going to crash into something or worse; someone. All I wanted to do in those awful moments was to call someone to come pick me up. All I wanted was to be at home; safe and sound. But I was all alone, and I was in a car. I had to get myself together so I turned the engine on and drove off into the traffic.

My heart was beating so fast I could hear it, my hands were shaking and my eyes kept watering because I couldn’t wipe away the tears. I kept breathing in and out and kept telling myself “You’re safe, You’re a good driver, You can do this!” And so I did. I drove safely back home. It doesn’t seem like a big thing to some people, but for me, that was the very first step I did to overcome my driving anxiety.





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