Gratitude – How You Can Beat Depression

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After trauma, dealing with depression can be difficult. I’ve come to the realization that the difficulties I face, have been overwhelmed by with emotion, can all be resolved with one feeling: gratitude.

To realize I have been blessed with support from both my family and friends after a domestic dispute left me bloodied and bruised was a humbling one. It was easy to get caught up in feelings of hurt, anger, and depression. Letting those emotions dominate my mind and daily routine was an easy route to follow.



Lately, though I have been focusing on feeling gratitude in life. To focus on saying please and thank you. I didn’t realize the power of these words until I started to use them. Effectively being able to assert my needs without feeling less of a person has brought me much more joy and happiness than you would expect.

My advice for anyone recovering from depression and domestic violence is to seek aid from your community resources, be honest with yourself, and, most of all, be grateful for the good life. It will pay dividends in the end.

What are you grateful for?




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