No One Knew About my Anxiety

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For years I used to wake up 10-15 times a night. It was horrible.

Sometimes I’d wake up horribly tired. When I get hyper I can’t think straight. Everything seems like it’s too much to handle.

I didn’t know what to do. This thing worried me and it seemed that there was no reason nor explanation.

The solution was – visit a specialist. That’s what I did. No doctor could exactly tell me what is going on with me. At some point, I thought that I was losing my mind.

So one day my aunt, that is a nurse, visited from California!! She realized that I had anxiety and did not know this entire time. Which is crazy because no doctor could explain what I was talking about. But my aunt explained it so easily.

She realized that I had anxiety

I was in such denial at first but I just came to accept it. The first step was realizing my problem. Now it’s a lot easier dealing with situations that increase my anxiety.

I keep myself as stress-free as possible. Now I sleep just a little better.


Source: CureUp



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