September 15, 2017

Writing Fellowship

The Depression Support Writing Fellowship is a 3 Months-long, virtual, voluntary, and unpaid fellowship. The goal of this is to help provide new writers with a chance to hone their skills and to have their articles published.

The fellowship will consist of writing original articles that deal with all aspects of Depression. This can include healthy habits, exercises, foods, medical articles, body-positivity, and mental health. The purpose of these articles is to empower those dealing with Depression or Anxiety with the information to possibly help them overcome it.

All your work will be published across our facebook pages that have over 160,000 followers and a reach of 450,000 readers each month!

So Here’s what you could expect:

-Write 4-6 unique articles that help those with Depression/Anxiety. You will first pitch an initial idea our Editor of the site and they will help walk you through on how to perfect your idea and turn it into a great article.  If you’ve ever read The Mighty( then you know the type of articles we are after.

-Help review submissions sent to us

-Come up with other unique idea’s we can implement on either our website, facebook pages, or Instagram accounts

-Assist with other parts of our Support Community(If you want) such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

What a Qualified Candidate looks Like:

-Has a functioning computer with internet access. This fellowship is completely virtual so a computer and the internet is a necessity.

-Strong grasp of the English language including grammar and punctuation

-Able to commit multiple hours per week for the next 3 months.

If this interests you, Please click here to submit your application