5 Depression Symptoms I wish I could Let go of

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1. Thinking about past decisions. I can have literally done something yesterday but already have 500 different ways I could have handled it in my head. It can sometimes be really hard to stop trying to think about what could have been.

2. Sleep Problems. You ever heard of the phrase ‘what keeps you up at night?’ well the answer for me would be depression. I can stay awake at night just thinking and thinking. And because I’m constantly thinking I never get tired and I continue to think.

3. Being tired. It’s not really a physical tiredness but instead more like being mentally tired.

4. Fear of rejection. This can definitely relate to the first symptom I want to get rid of. It stems from overthinking too much.

5. Fast Heart beat. Once again this stems from over thinking and also from racing thoughts. You just get so worked up that your heart seems like it starts to beat super fast.



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