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The following are the different stages of the Kübler-Ross model for grief. It was introduced by the Swiss Scientist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Knowing where you stand on this model could help you prepare for what’s next. You also never have to wait to seek help from loved one’s or trained professionals, you can get help at any of these stages and I strongly recommend it.

Stage 1: Denial – You can’t believe you were diagnosed with depression. Surely it was an error

Stage 2: Anger – When denial can’t happen anymore usually the person lashes out as those close to them. ‘Who is to blame for this’

Stage 3: Bargaining – This stage is characterized as a battle of ‘ifs’ between you and your internal voice. Thinking if I do this will it be better. If this happens it will all be better. If he came back, this would all be better.

Stage 4: Depression – This is a pretty big stage. The key characteristics of this stage include becoming silent, refusing to see people, and spending a lot of time being mournful and silent.

Stage 5: Acceptance– This is the last stage and usually the part where you start to try to seek help on your own.

These stages won’t be the same for everyone but it’s definitely a good start for getting an idea of where you are with your depression.

What stage are you in?



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