8 Products Under $20 that Depression are Loving in 2019

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Depression is hard to deal with. It is like living in a bubble. You often feel disconnected from the world. You even feel disconnected from yourself. That is why self – care is so important. You will notice that these products are all designed to help you to spoil yourself. They will help you to pop the bubble and still give you a retreat from the world. The point is it helps you feel like you. Oh! These make perfect gifts for that person in your life that is hard to shop for.


Headphones can drown out the sound of the world. They can also bring a whole new world to you. Listening to a book, surrounding you into peace, or even helping you meditate can help to relax you and rejuvenate your soul. Of course, it also helps to block out the things that you don’t want to do with. Headphones come in so many different forms. You can get the over the head, noise-canceling kind that either plugin or connect to blue tooth. There are earbuds that can’t be seen in a hoodie. Both of these options come wireless so that you don’t have to worry about the cord. Of course, that does mean that you will have to charge them. With many different options and designs, you are sure to find your perfect pair.

Fine-Tipped Pens

There are many options here. Fine-tipped pens come in a rainbow of colors. You can get some for shading or drawing. Others are made just for journaling. On of the coping methods that doctors will sometimes recommend is to draw your tattoos. It helps to express the pain that depression causes, especially when you feel invisible.

Another great thing about fine-tipped pens is that you can get them in washable or permanent. You can document your day or vent in the colors that make you feel like you are finally being heard.


Journals are beautiful works of art that make your words live on. You can choose how to express yourself. Lined journals are perfect for writing poems, words, or even just venting. Blank journals will help you to doodle, draw, and create your mood. Either one that you choose will allow you to express yourself in a way that is all you. Even the binding is optional. You can create a journal out of spiral, loose papers in a binder, or buy the ones designed for journaling. You could get the ones that lock or wrap for added privacy. Your journal should be done your way.

Aroma Therapy Candles

Smells can take you away. A smell can lift your spirit. It can change your mood. If you aren’t feeling well aromatherapy can help you to feel better. Lavender candles can help you to relax your day away. There are shops where you can get premade candles. You could also create your own candles. The idea is to get the candle that speaks to your soul and lifts your spirits. It should be a smell that reminds you that you can do anything, be anyone, or go anywhere. Yes, a good candle can change everything. It is a
perfect way to uplift your workspace as well.

Bath Bombs

Like candles, bath bombs come in a variety of scents that are designed to help you to unwind. They are available in different sizes and shapes. You can get them in colors to match your mood. You can get them with surprises inside like rings and necklaces. Getting away to the bath with the perfect bath bomb can have the same response as getting away to the spa for a few hours.

If you don’t have a bath, then get you a shower bomb. They can help you to decongest, unwind, and decompress. Also, you will feel a huge difference in your body once your muscles fully relax. You can choose your favorite scents, colors, and shapes. Shower bombs are also a great way to pamper your feet because the fizz right where your aching feet are.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular. People are learning that they have so many more uses than just to make your house smell like a home. You can use essential oils to lift your mood by using bright smells. Some oils can ease headaches, body aches, and help you to build your immunity. With a little research, you can find an essential oil to help with just about everything.

The other thing about essential oils is that you can mix them with a carrier oil and use them for massages. Everyone knows a good massage can change your mood completely.

Diffuser Jewelry

If you already have essential oils that you love, you can get some diffuser jewelry and always have your oils when you need them. Diffuser jewelry can be a necklace with a clay bead or with a felt insert. You simply add a drop or two of your favorite oil. It’s perfect for helping with anxiety all day long. Plus you can get them in cute little designs and figures. If you don’t want a necklace, you can get them in bracelets or pins as well. Diffuser jewelry is customizable and cute.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners may have once been the most popular toy in the toy store, but they were originally created to help with anxiety. A fidget spinner can help you to do something with your nervous energy. It can help you to relax and shift your thoughts. Sometimes the ability to focus on something can help to shift your mood. A fidget spinner can be found in many different colors and designs. There is cool glow in the dark ones, glittery ones, or even black light ones. It is completely up to you to find what you want.
Be warned, once you start collecting them it because of a habit.

There you have it, the best products for depression because sometimes you need to feel like you matter. Taking time out for yourself is not selfish. Self-care is important. Get the products you need to help you to indulge in some self-care. You will be so glad that you did.



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