I am Fragile, yet Strong Like a Rose

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A rose is beautiful yet fragile. Petals fall carelessly and blow away in the wind. It takes thorns roots to defend itself from vicious predators and needy birds that swoop in, attempting to derive its’ very core.

I, like a rose, have been fragile at times and have allowed pitch black darkness to overtake my pow within. The power of strength, beauty, serenity, harmony, and balance of the structure of life.

My unbalanced structure is probably like any other’s, it isn’t just another sob story, a crazy family, a fill of health conditions, grief of or the presence of someone’s drug additions. It is how you get through them. Just like a rose, people will get withered through the storm, wind, and blazing sun.

However, a rose bush doesn’t need much care from humans. It grows and grows until it has several blossoms. It stows away in the winter and brings itself back in the spring. Sometimes we just need time to bring ourselves back after life’s withering ways and that’s okay. I don’t know how these things started or where it will end or where I went in the midst. I still bleed pink and red tints but I’m strong enough to bear the knife, knowing I haven’t had the worst life.

This comes from a song I wrote in high school. If you want to watch, just go to SuzybeingSuzy on youtube and watch “Black Rose”.

I am now in college at Spalding University putting heart and soul into fine arts and currently looking for a job to support myself and my Cockapoo. I now live with my parents in my grandmother’s house since her passing and we miss her every day but I hope she is proud of me and I live on through her and my own strength. I just have to remember to be myself.

What is the biggest influence on the happiness in your life? Share to show your Support!

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