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This question has been asked repeatedly: is it normal to suffer from depression? Everybody is prone to depressive periods, but depression is not a normal state for people to be in long-term. So it may quite be a normal thing for people to fall into a state of depression at some point in their lives, what is not normal is accepting to remain in that state everyday of their lives.

Depression shows up in different ways and forms in different people. These differences include symptoms, origin, and frequency and duration of symptoms. Depression is either caused by overwhelming or unexpected events or by biochemical or genetic factors. In addressing how normal or abnormal depression is, we need to examine why depression is viewed so harshly. There is a lot of stigmas placed on those who suffer from depression which can make it difficult for people suffering from it to seek medical or professional help. Many sufferers may fear being judged. This fear is a vicious cycle and can have devastating outcomes for the individuals suffering from it, and their families.

Depression does not happen to everybody but it is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. It does not mean those with depression are failures or inadequate in any way. Depression is simply a condition that shows some weakness in the brain which prevents the proper firing of signals and transmission of chemicals.

It is very difficult to predict who is more likely to become depressed and how those symptoms present between individuals. Depression also causes physical pain, sadness, hopelessness, and agitation.

Symptoms of depression are varied and depression can be difficult to recognize. Even if it is recognized, many people are not willing to accept the fact that they are suffering from depression.

The most important thing a person with depression can remember is that there are support systems and resources within reach. There are people willing to provide all the needed support to individuals suffering from depression without judgment and who can put them on the right path to recovery. If you are noticing signs of depression, get in touch with a doctor, and go for an evaluation to ascertain what your state of mind is.

Remember, it is normal to get depressed. What is not normal is to remain depressed.





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