Learning to Deal with Anxiety

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Anxiety attacks started at age 28. One day, I was grocery shopping when all of a sudden, it hit just like that out of nowhere. I started to lose control of me and my surroundings. I thought I was going to die.

I started screaming “Something’s happening to me” and “Call 911”. They did and then they checked me and everything was fine. That was the moment when they asked if I suffered from anxiety or depression? I said that I never suffered any of those and they told me that I need to go to see a doctor, which I did.

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That is when they told me I had an anxiety and that I need to learn how to control the attacks before they get worse. So, as soon as I start feeling nervous and dizzy, I should either go out and catch some air or take deep breaths in a silent room, alone, which have worked.

But sometimes, there is something that makes my anxiety get out of control, but I try not to panic much.

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This was my story of how am I supposed to live with the anxiety. My first story here and I can’t wait to hear the hundreds of stories out there, what the others go through and how they control it.

What do you do to deal with Anxiety? Show your support by Commenting!




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