Legendary Musician, Tom Petty Clinging to Life in Hospital

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The Legendary Musician, Tom Petty has died today at 66 years of age. He suffered from  a full cardiac arrest and was later found unconscious at his Malibu Home on Sunday Night. He was then rushed to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital where he was put on Life support, reports TMZ  . TMZ sources later go on to say that Tom has no brain activity and that the decision to pull life support had been made. A chaplain had been called to the hospital and he is no expected to live through the day.

His music has helped countless people with their Depression. Probably his best song to help those with Depression was ‘I Won’t Back Down’. Originally recorded in 1988 and released in April 1989. This song has helped countless people who were struggling with depression.

Tom Petty even suffered from Depression himself he once reported to USA Today. He once said “I took some hard knocks and retreated from the world and lived in this little cabin. I didn’t see a lot of people. I wasn’t happy, and I didn’t want to lay that on everybody. Even when I was in public, I didn’t want to be there and that’s a terrible feeling. It took me a while to want to come back.”

We will definitely miss Tom Petty but his songs will live on and continue to help those dealing with Depression.



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