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Hello, I have some interesting facts about my condition. I was having problems with my stomach, so my doctor sent me for a cat scan. Next thing, I know they find lumps on my lungs. They did a biopsy, not cancerous, but I have sarcoidosis which is what the famous comedian Bernie Mack died from.

I was scared but had no real symptoms. Two years later I start feeling for no reason headaches like crazy. I asked the doctor for MRI but he said; no, don’t worry. So, I talked to my cardiologist and she sent me for MRI and they found enlarged lymph nodes on my brain.

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The first year I lost everyone. I felt as if I was contagious or something. My mom stopped coming to see me, my sister, as well. I have three young children that were depending on me and I had nothing to give them. I was alone. My son is 14. He was 12 at the time and he had to become the parent in the house, he cooked, cleaned, took care of his younger sisters. I am so thankful for this. I am so sorry he had to grow up so fast. Now that I am doing a little better he has regressed to his childless ways, but I can’t blame him, 2 years of his life he had to live a grown up.

Well, this is my story looking forward to getting to see some of your stories. LOVE AND LIGHT!

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