How I Overcame My Gaming Addiction

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I am going to tell how I was addicted a little too much to gaming and my productivity was completely down, and how I succeeded to manage my time and overcome it.

Ever since I started gaming, and my friends did so too, I’ve been growing on the addiction of gaming, and just like any addiction, I had the tendency to do it so badly, every second of my day, and If not I’d turn into a rage monster.

It was a very tiring phase of my life too, and productivity was at its all-time low. It was a really difficult period for me because I knew that I was wasting too much time on gaming, but I didn’t really know how to stop.

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Suddenly, I decided to join Athletics, because I was one of the best runners and wanted to do it full time. And in my very first Athletic competition, I won 3 medals, a first for any student.

The winning made me stronger and wanted to do more of it, and I decided to do it more because I friggin loved it. I started going to the gym, working out, watching my diet and churning out all the medals, and 1 year later, I’m going to the National-Level athletic division, one of the most gifted things to happen to someone who only started Athletics one year ago.

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I found out that there is a better thing I can do for me and my body and that gaming did not really help me. Now, I have something that I enjoy doing and something that makes me better.

This is how I overcame Everything.

What is your way of Overcoming Addiction? Share and Comment to show your Support!

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