Selecting the Right Anti-Depressant for you

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Sometimes, making a choice of the right anti-depressant can be a little bit tiring and a bit of a herculean task for you. If you find making a choice confusing, you should work with your doctor to find one that works for you.

What are Anti-Depressants?

Anti-depressants are the main form of treatment for people who suffer from depression. Although they may not cure depression totally, they can reduce the symptoms. In some instances, when a person uses their first anti-depressant, it may work quite well. If the anti-depressant doesn’t relieve symptoms or results in side effects, it probably means that a change is necessary.

There are different types of anti-depressants and each work in different ways with different effects. There may be a variety of differences between anti-depressants, but these differences should be paid close attention to.

The following steps should be taken to select the right anti-depressant for you:

What Symptoms Can You See?

Different depression symptoms require different anti-depressants to treat depression. For instance, if you are unable to sleep, you may need an anti-depressant with a sedative effect.

Most Likely Side Effects

Different anti-depressants have their own side-effects. Knowing these side-effects will help you make an informed decision about the type of anti-depressant to use.

How Well Does it Work with Other Medications?

Some anti-depressants should not be used with other medications and can bring about dangerous side-effects.

Did the Anti-Depressant Work for Someone Close to You?

You can have an idea of how a particular anti-depressant might work for you depending on how well it worked for a close relative or family member such as your parent or sibling.

Are you Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

A lot of anti-depressants are not safe for use by pregnant women or lactating mothers. It could be dangerous for the baby. Work with your doctor to figure out the best ways to deal with your depression while you are lactating or pregnant.

Other Conditions of your Health

If you’re suffering from certain health conditions, it could be a problem if you use anti-depressants. However, some physical or mental conditions can be treated with the aid of anti-depressants. For instance, symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be cured by using Bupropion.


Type of Anti-Depressant

Before making a choice of the suitable anti-depressant for you, it is important to know what type it is, what exactly it does, how well it works, and the possible side effects. Knowing all of this will go a long way towards making the right choice of anti-depressant and ultimately improve your health.



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