How Spirituality Helped Me Overcome Anxiety

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Does your Faith in Jesus help you to overcome Anxiety? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

As a 28-year-old male, I have fought my way through school, college, and post-grad education. Relationships throughout were a hard subject for me to really embrace.

I believe that learning about myself was not enough to overcome anxiety. Self-help books alone were not enough, nor was therapy enough. I could not grasp that all of these well-respected were insufficient for me. I did not think I was an exception. So, what gives?!

Religion had always been a sore subject for me. I grew up in the church and resented everything and everyone in it. I had grown tired of faking, putting on a face, and acting as a hypocrite. Very naturally, I wanted nothing to do with it.

With all the years of built up knowledge, I thought, “I have nothing to lose by investigating this for myself.” I read the Bible for myself and what I learned was in some ways confirming to my belief about the “religious.” Jesus said the religious hypocrites would be judged way more than the humble, which I guess is why they hated him so much. I get the sense that Jesus was not a fan of religion the way most church people are. He wanted something deeper with people. Something many people do not ever realize.

Mentioned earlier, relationships are hard for me. To no credit to my parents or any religious enforcers, I decided to put my faith in Jesus. This was not because he forced me to or because he promised hell if I did not trust in him. Faith in Jesus meant me not carrying the burdens of broken relationships or worrying about how others have failed me. I truly believe that this one relationship takes care of all my anxieties.

Jesus invited me to take comfort in his power, presence, authority, and his coming again. You might think, “Wait, you said ‘again’ as if Jesus is coming back to earth even though he was here 2000 years ago.” Uh, yes. He is coming back. Died and risen shows me the proof I needed and the source I know now that I can trust. If he does that for me to take on all my brokenness, then I am going to count myself as worth dying for by a king.

That’s my story.

I am not too prideful to admit I still have worries and anxieties like anyone else, but now the difference is that I know Jesus will one day return and the things I worried about will hardly even be remembered.

Does your Faith in Jesus help you to overcome Anxiety? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

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