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To My Abusers, to the woman that adopted me and put on the face of a great mother to the outside world, while I lived a childhood of hellish abuse, I want you to know you scared me to the point I still fight every day to undo the damage your words and actions caused. The beatings, the degradation… It is sometimes a voice that screams in my head.

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To the person that I loved once, or so I thought, I remember you holding me down on the bed choking me, screaming “I will show you a real man,” I want you to know that I found him and he loves me. He is gentle and kind. You are a hell of a miserable human being.

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To the person that spat in my face in front of my family and my friends to shame me, I know happiness today. I can sleep again without fear. I can breathe, I can speak without being afraid. You are a monster. Today I stand. Today I feel strong. Today I fight to overcome. Today I am free.

What helped you to overcome your fear? Share to Show your Support!

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